9 New Tracks To Spark That Magic This Week

We made it! With another week down and more ahead of us, there are endless and hella opportunities to run it up and make something happen. Here are nine tracks we’re bumping, ranging from a variety of genres and in no particular order, to get you through the week.

1. “Grimace,” Jackboy

Straight out of Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang collective, Jackboy is the next Floridian (hailing from Pompano Beach, to be exact) set to add fuel to the region’s already fiery flame. The song “Grimace” is gritty, soulful and bouncy as hell, and will make you want to hit a jig real quick.

2. “Take A Pic,” Digital Nas ft. D Savage, Grownboi Trap, and Yung Bans

One of Lil Yachty’s go-to producers, Digital Nas, has been supplying SoundCloud with a lot of heat lately. His latest track, “Take A Pic,” features D Savage, Grownboi Trap and Yung Bans, and has so much bang and bop to it. If it doesn’t put you in a great mood and make you want to flex on your haters, you may need some kind of divine intervention.

3. NAV and Metro Boomin – “Minute,” Nav and Metro Boomin feat. Offset and Playboi Carti 

Speaking of songs to flex on your haters to, this ultra-collaboration between NAV, Metro Boomin, Pierre Bourne, Playboi Carti and Offset should be the anthem for everyone who just got a fresh piece from Grailed. Seriously, though — this is futuristic fly nigga shit.

4. “WYA,” Snap Dogg

Detroit has gotten an amazing jolt of energy as of late, putting its rising stars on the map. Snap Dogg has been one of the few artists to not only get love in the streets of the D, and he’s also a social media sensation who’s getting noticed by some pretty big platforms. With electric songs like “WYA”, it’s obvious he’s about to be here for a little while longer, so you might as well get familiar with him.

5. “Tell,” Q Da Fool

Washington, D.C.’s Q Da Fool is on his way to becoming the region’s next all-around breakout star, and “Tell” really showcases that. I’ve had multiple conversations about Q within the last two weeks, and with the views on his videos only growing, it’s safe to say his new fans are starting to take notice as well.

6. “4get,” LUCKI

LUCKI the young legend has returned with a new banger to throw into the soundtrack of our lives. If you love LUCKI like I do, then you know he makes relatable music that just fits your everyday lifestyle — music you smoke to, get dressed to, relax to, sleep to, party to, and might even make love to it sometimes. “4get” is no different: press play and let the vibes take over your soul.

7. “JAMAL,” Derek Wise

Repping for The Weeknd’s XO crew, Derek Wise has been making brooding, dark and sinister bangers for a couple of years now. His latest release, INGLORIOUSsupplied us with a few classic jams this past Winter. Wise & co. never slack on quality visuals either, so be on the lookout.

8. “My Dawg,” Lil Baby

ATL’s Lil Baby has been making major noise in the last couple of months, and since the release of this video and his latest project, Harder Than Hardit doesn’t look like the Quality Control-backed artist has plans of slowing down at all.

9. “Fold,” Benny

19-year-old Benny has proven to be one of the dopest discoveries in the last month. Last week, he gave us the banger “Whole Lotta Action,” featuring Young Dant, and now he’s back with this solo effort, “Fold.” With a nostalgic sample layered under the beat, the Bay Area artist goes off with a dope rhyme flow and singing pattern that’ll will knock the socks off of any listener. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again — Benny’s going to be a star.

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