8 New Tracks To Jam To This Week

Time’s just flying by — as we embark on a new week and new month, it’s time to charge and refuel up with some new tunes for the new moon, you feel me? We’re back with a new selection of songs to get you moving and grooving on the good foot.


1. “Streets Love Me,” smokepurpp feat. Juicy J

Lil Purpp is really out here blessing traps from street to street worldwide. Featuring a verse from legend Juicy J and stupid ass production from Ice Bream (a duo consisting of Sound Boi and smokepurpp himself), if this song doesn’t make you want to elbow someone in the chest like “Macho Man” Randy Savage, then I suggest you remove some of that wax from your ears. With Deadstar slated to drop very soon, it’s looking like Purpp is about to set all aux chords on fire this Fall.


2. “Ova Here,” BandGang Paid Will feat. Yhung T.O of SOB X RBE

I’ve been talking about the relationship between Detroit and Bay Area music scenes for a long time now, and collaborations like this strengthen my point. Detroit’s BandGang Paid Will and Vallejo’s Yhung T.O link up in this 2017 hustler’s anthem “Ova Here,” with T.O coming through with the hook and one of the hardest rap-sung verses I’ve heard this year. I also love the fact that Paid Will floats so crazily over this very West Coast-sounding production. A lot of people I’ve played this song for say that Paid Will sounds almost like he’s from New York with his delivery on this particular track.


3. “Warped Tour,” Lil Aaron

Lil Aaron’s new track “Warped Tour” completely activated my inner emo/pop-punk/nu-metal/scene kid spirit. This song completely reminds me of my days shopping at Hot Topic, voting for my favorite songs on TRL, and drinking copious amounts of Surge with my cousin. I love everything about Lil Aaron, he’s honestly my best friend in my head (Thanks bro, this song is about to make me take a trip to Hot Topic and go crazy like a teenage mall-rat). The line “I got bands like I’m Warped Tour” is genius, and that Paramore sample made me cry when I first heard this song. Jeez, Nedarb might be one of the greatest producers ever.


4. “beachtown,”  Landon Cube

19-year-old Landon Cube has been one of my favorites as of late — “18” struck many cords with me, and his latest visual release “beachtown” only makes me like the kid even more. If Lil Aaron was the 2017 rap version of TRL-era nu-metal and pop-punk, Landon Cube would definitely be a 2017 rap version of TRL-era boy band pop. Him and Yung Pinch are out here putting on for the pretty haired rapping pop-stars, so keep your eyes and ears open for Landon.


5. “The Brightside,” Lil Peep

If you can’t tell by now I am a huge fan of all this genre-bending, rock tinged hip-hop coming from these angsty teens/20-somethings. If the internet wasn’t already a blessing, this internet-born mash-up genre of pop-punk, trap, grunge rock and metal has been taking shit over. One of the kings of this sub-genre is Lil Peep. The visual for his new song “The Brightside” shows the light and dark of being one of today’s biggest underground artists.


6. “2.0,” Lil Dude 

Fresh off of the release of his Trapnanana mixtape, Lil Dude is back with new visuals. The song “2.0” is more than likely going to appear on his next mixtape which I think is set for a Fall 2017 release. Lil Dude is one of the hottest in D.C. right now and he already has some noteworthy cosigns so I definitely look forward to seeing him take off in the next couple of months.


7. “Dresser,” Yung Bans

Another young rapper taking off is 18-year-old Atlanta spitter, Yung Bans. I’ve been hearing his name for years but as of late he’s been super consistent with fire singles, dope visuals and a decent amount of press and cosigns. If it’s not that obvious that he’s next up, you should definitely check out this song “Dresser” and understand why the hype is so real — this kid GOES!


8. “Free Eastside 80’s,” Sada Baby

Detroit’s Sada Baby has been making a name for himself in the last year and some change, and it’s safe to say he’s poised to be the next to blow from Detroit after Tee Grizzley. On this song he ironically sends a shoutout to incarcerated fellow Detroit emcee, Eastside 80’s (Speaking of, I hope Sada comes home soon, very soon). I swear, Skuba never uses the same flow — peep how crazy he floats over this joint.

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