Check Out theblacktongue’s ‘RESORT TO VIOLENCE’ Collection and Mixtape

The story behind theblacktongue’s  latest collection, RESORT TO VIOLENCE, is a wild one. Imagine your favorite, quaint vacation spot or resort town was taken over and ransacked by a band of misfits from the big city. Small town America isn’t ready for this type of style and aggression.

The New York-based streetwear fashion label’s new collection was inspired by the designers’ love for heavy metal music and imagery and the juxtaposition between heavy metal and hip-hop culture. The creatives behind the brand, Kolby Turnher and Sandtoast, cite bands like Blood Money, Pantera, and WASP as the major metal inspirations for the culture, while Mobb Deep, The Diplomats, Lil’ Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Smokepurpp and ThouxanbandFauni serve as the hip-hop sources of inspiration. The collection includes a set of airbrushed bandanas emblazoned with razor blades, a cut-off short sleeve hoodie with more razor blades, a selection of of t-shirts that scream MTV Headbangers Ball all over it, not to mention a wild pair of custom jeans done in collaboration with Levi’s.

theblacktongue also included a mixtape hosted by Kolby Turnher. The RESORT TO VIOLENCE mixtape includes exclusives from some of today’s rising artists including Dizzy Santana, KrimeLife Ca$$, Lil’ Baby Suplex, Ksubi Kayy, Boy and so much more.

Head to here to shop their collection and stream the mixtape below as well.

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