This Short About Bald Women Explores Conceptions of Femininity

In Dazed original short film, OMG She’s Bald, different women of various backgrounds and cultures share their experience after shaving their heads. Written and produced by Ellesse, creator of gender-blurring online platform girlswillbeboys, the mini doc challenges the longheld notion that women must have long, abundant locks to be “feminine”.

Images of black women first inspired Ellesse to shave her head.

“I remember my step mom always had Black Beauty magazines in her house (which featured women with shaved heads). And I just flicked through them and they looked so good!”.

Ellesse also notes how having a shaved head is deemed more acceptable now that white women are beginning to shave their heads, emphasizing that it is not a trend.

“I want it to be something that you do for you. Because black women did it for themselves”.

In the artsy short, full of dreamy visuals, women from different backgrounds talk about shaving their head has meant to them. The project expresses the different ways in which having a shaved head challenges narrows definitions and stereotypes of what femininity “looks” like.  Overall, the film imparts the message that real femininity is about self-expression, and empowerment.

Peep the inspiring project below, and check out girlswillbeboys for more info and other projects.

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