Electric Circus Presents: ‘Me, Myself and I’ With Women Celebrating Self Love & Acceptance

Girl let me tell you how much I enjoy watching you glow up all crazy. You have came long way from spending months, upon months in your room, all in your head overthinking about all inner emotions, when all along it really was just your inner child that you should have never been forgotten of care. That’s honestly the beauty of life. You have to be careful with her go — back and check in with her every now and then. She likes to be held a lot.

On my journey to self-love, this what I took heed to. I used to suppress those feelings so much, and that’s what lead me to really bad depression two years ago. I was so restless, didn’t really care to talk to anyone at the time. I didn’t even want to hear any words of wisdom from any outside source because deep down, I knew that I was the only one who could pull myself up from those scary feelings. I stopped checking in with myself and as a women, in general, you should always keep that in mind. Sit with yourself. Be the mother to your body.

I get along with my 7-year-old self just fine these days. When she gets in her moods of having doubts and discourage, I pull that spirit real close and express how I love her — and she’s doing just fine. I like to do this daily, especially while naked. I enjoy being vulnerable. My inner beauty is special to me because I treat myself with the most honesty. You have to get raw with yourself, which to me, is the most sexiest thing ever. My outer beauty is mirrored the same way. I know I’m special. I’m not like anybody. I know its all in my attitude that goes great with anything I choose to wear. It’s all about confidence — people can smell it on you.

There’s a famous quote by David R. Hawkins, which I love,  and it goes, “People are as comfortable with you as you are accepting of yourself”.

Inspired by these honest and relatable tweets by Kari Faux, I’m honored to introduce Me, Myself and I, an editorial project curated to close out Women’s History Month. The photo series is a prelude to Kitty Cash’s upcoming I AM WOMAN project (check out this mix), featuring personal stories from a diverse, talented group of 15 New York-based creatives that extrude unconventional artistry and beauty. Their testimonies are a daily that reminder that self acceptance, love and care, are important.

Photography: Lula Hyers
Creative: Giselle Henderson
Design: Ainsley Winslow

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