Highlights From Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

It’s that time of year again, and to be honest, it’s one of my top anticipated moments to exist. Supreme has released their new Spring/Summer 2017 collection preview and lookbook, and in typical fashion, there’s a lot of references to ’90s pop culture, skate culture and hip-hop. They brought back Vanson leather biker jackets and some. I know a lot of people are going to complain and say “same old shit” when it comes to this collection, however, Supreme always knows how to give us something new and interesting while staying in their niche lane. I respect that. Below is a break down of my favorite looks and pieces from the lookbook and preview.


The cowboy denim work jacket is going to be a very coveted piece from this season. Featuring original artwork from Jim Krantz, known for his wild west captures, if this jacket doesn’t make you want to smoke a half pack of  Marlboro’s and eat some ribs — I’m not sure if you’re actually human.

This studded denim trucker jacket is exactly what I need. If any of you know me, then you know I have an extreme affinity for denim jacket. A studded denim jacket is just added swagger to an already extensive collection. Come out the house feeling like Michael Jackson with this one.


Supreme and Vanson’s leather star jacket is one of the biggest stars of this season. No pun intended. I’ve been on eBay hunting down Vanson leathers and tweeting about them non-stop over the last few months. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew there would be a collaboration between these two coming soon. It’s crazy when you can kind of guess a brand’s next moves. All 3 color ways of this item are beautiful. Make sure you grab a good pair of shades to sport with this jacket and walk around like you’re 112 in the “Only You” Remix video.


Tupac would be so proud. Definitely a lot of Karl Kani influence on this one. Find me at the movie theaters with a bottle of Hennessy and some herb in pocket whilst watching All Eyez On Me when it releases this July. Supreme nailed this leather utility vest to the T.

This is going to make so many people uncomfortable and it’s the number one reason why I love this piece. This reminds me of when Supreme dropped the Fuck denim trucker jacket a few years ago. That piece turned out to be a highly coveted and classic item and this shall be no different. If anyone wants to buy me the black one in a XL, you’ll have a friend for life.

This one is for all the sweet boys — as they’d say in London. A rayon shirt with hearts printed all over them just screams “SPRINGTIME IS HERE”. My favorite color way is the black/red one, however all of them look good. You have to wear this unbuttoned for optimal swagger and flare. Find me prancing around town with this one, unbuttoned with my shirt and hair blowing in the wind. Very cozy and breezy.

For the daisy rayon shirt — the same rules apply. The black, purple and blue is going to catch a lot of sneaker heads who have the Aqua Jordan 8s. I see this shirt also being an issue upon release.

If you though Supreme was going to do a collection and not fit in a collaboration with Playboy, you’re probably smoking PCP. The Supreme/Playboy rayon bowling shirt is like the more sleazy cousin of the Daisy and Hearts rayon shirts. Find me at the bowling alley not catching any strikes in this shirt right here.

Aside from denim and leather jackets, I’m also a huge stan over a good, 90’s grunge striped t-shirt. I’m not sure if this is a result of watching too much MTV when I was younger, but when I come across a good striped tee, I can’t leave it on the shelf or rack. This shadow striped tee is no different set with three equally beautiful color ways

The studded belt wave is on it’s way back and this is a no brainer for everybody who loves rockstar-inspired gear such as myself. I wonder if Supreme ever considered linking up with BB Simon to do a belt?

A Supreme bamboo beaded curtain? My grandparents have had beaded curtains in their home for years. I might have to purchase this for them so they can really swag out their feng shui.


Supreme and CashCannon made a money gun! How fun is that. This could of took D.R.A.M.’s video for “Cash Machine” to another level.

The Abstract tee in pink is giving me super Miami Vice type vibes. Not sure what other colors this’ll be released in but I’m in love with the pink right now.

The 666 beach towel is bound to disturb more folk, along with the previously mentioned 666 denim trucker. I wouldn’t mind having this at the beach with me, on the off-chance that I’ll actually go to the beach.

The Supreme/Coleman CT200U mini bike is going to have the streets on smash this summer. I’m interested in seeing if this will be available for sale online or in-store only. I’m quite sure shipping this isn’t going to be the easiest or most enjoyable.

Noteworthy pieces this season such as the Barack Obama items, anorak, and pants are going to go platinum once released. I would love to see a photo tee with him in a box logo tee a la Kate Moss. That’d be very dope. There’s going to be a lot of other pieces to drop as well as other collaborations this season. Should be very exciting. Supreme always knows how to get people talking, whether good or bad.

How do you feel about the collection? What are your favorites? Let’s take the conversation to twitter: @electricxcircus and @killturnherkill.

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