The TRP Returns With “Lavender”

By on February 8th, 2017

I was introduced to The TRP (I urge you to bump their track, “Never Learn”) in late 2015 and I can say that they are definitely the future. They meld hip-hop elements with futuristic R&B for a sonic journey that’s sure to please introspective and bass-loving listeners. After dropping off a couple of singles and a Frank Ocean flip over the past 11 months, the guys are back with a sensual cut, “Lavender”.

“Lavender” was premiered via Fader earlier today and when asked about the song’s origin, the group replied,

“When writing the record we were imagining two lovers traveling the galaxy, stopping over on a dusty desert planet, setting up camp by an oasis. The girl pulls out some branches of lavender and they’re reminded of home. “We were trying to capture that tactile, primal feeling. Lavender represents a little bit of home and humanity in an alien place, which kinda feels how society is today…”

Get into the galactic tune below.