Sada Baby’s “Return Wit My Strap” Is One of the Best Things on the Internet

By on February 20th, 2017


Detroit, Michigan has a unique tradition within its music scene; I could sit here for hours and name classic R&B songs that have been remixed into gangster rap/trap anthems by Detroit rappers. The most recent cover comes from Sada Baby, a young wildcard who recently dropped “Return Wit My Strap.” While many rappers have tried their hands at Mark Morrison’s 1996 smash “Return of the Mack”, this is probably one of the most hilarious and street versions ever. The song is chock full of menacing lines that would probably disturb some listeners, but due to the comedic and careless tone of the song, you have to admit that this is pretty enjoyable. Not to mention some of Sada Baby’s dance moves are crisp as hell for a rapper. Don’t take Sada for just a comedy act though, he’s definitely one of the hardest rhymers coming from Detroit and has some pretty decent views on youtube outside of this solid rework. Definitely keep your eyes open for what Sada Baby does next and watch “Return Wit My Strap” below.