The Best Moments from Future’s Self-Titled New Album

By on February 20th, 2017

Future, aka Pastor Nayvadius Wilburn, Super Future and Fire Marshall Future, has returned with a new album.

Originally titled Future Hendrix, the self-titled album is a 17-track audio roller coaster ride from the trap, through the trenches, and to the mansions. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s BEATS 1 Radio, Future revealed that he was anti social media during the duration of the album process. Instead, he spent time focusing on his family, personal life, and of course, delivering fans organic Future sounds that we’ve all grown to know and love. Minister Freebandz also explained that he wishes he could go back to being more of an underground rapper and it appears he’s wasting no time with this new found notion. Future is back with his brutal honesty in the form of outlandish bars.

Upon first listen, I was taken aback by how vicious the Atlanta rapper is snapping on these songs. For instance on “Rent Money,” Future pretty much confesses to smashing Scottie Pippen’s wife, which was a huge news story a couple of months ago. Overall, this album is the closest we’ll get to underground, gritty, still in the trap, Future. If I had to compare it to any of his past efforts, it’s similar to where Future was during the Streetz Callin’ and Astronaut Status era. I’m not sure what else he has up his sleeve for us this year, but with stand-out tracks such as aforementioned “Rent Money,” “Mask Off,” “Draco,” “Flip,” “Super Trapper,” “When I Was Broke” and “Feds Did A Sweep,” this may ultimately be Future’s best cohesive studio album since Pluto. This album is a tour de force and a real showcase of how amazing of a rapper and overall artist Future is.

Listen to the album below and let us know your thoughts and feelings: