LVNDVN Takes Us To Space On His New Single, “Moon Lit District”

By on February 21st, 2017

I closed my eyes and drifted into a sea of emotions, triggered by the calm sounds of space-based artist LVNDVN (pronounced ‘Landon’). Listening to his music is like falling into the perfect hammock, and Lord knows we need some loving sounds to ease the immense amount of tension we’re all feeling. Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, singer/songwriter LVNDVN dropped his latest hit “Moon Lit District” on his Soundcloud earlier this week, after almost a year of silence following his last release. Slow and steady wins the race, kids.

His music contains a laidback feel, similar to the emotions Bryson Tiller and The Weeknd evoke. His enigmatic tones and intriguing voice are beyond lazy comparison, though, so he might just be the next big R&B wave. LVNDVN has the skill, the motives, and the desire to be great, and I know he’ll make it where he wants to go — even if that place is the moon. Check out “Moon Lit District” below and let the love overwhelm ya.