How The 740 Project Is Ditching Music Industry Formulas To Pave Their Own Lane


The landscape and climate of the music industry is ever-changing — and with huge shifts in artist discovery and distribution, sales, and other key metric dynamics, it’s become clear that it’s less about traditional formulas and more about leading your own movement. And agencies like The 740 Project are at the helm of these changes within the industry.

Originally a marketing agency, Rahim “The Dream” Wright, Jesse “Punch”  Edwards and Charley Greenberg have been making a lot of industry noise, and now they’re announcing their new deal with Capitol Music Group that’s sure to shake things up even more. “To break an artist means that there has to be an undeniable impact you had on that artists’ career,” Greenburg told Forbes. “You can’t just say you sent out an email blast, there has to be a very distinct footprint — from creative direction, to directly impact key business metrics.”

“The team at 740 Project has already been involved with a number of CMG projects, and I couldn’t be happier that we’re taking our working relationships to the next level through this partnership.” Capitol Music Group COO Michelle Jubelirer told Billboard. “They are a creative, diligent and hardworking team that brings great value to our labels, artists and projects.”

The partnership will include a record label and a marketing arm for artists at labels like Motown, Quality Control, Capitol Records and Priority. 740 Project has also signed a joint venture with Universal Music Publishing Group.

To learn more about the 740 Project and the minds behind it, read their features in Forbes and Billboard.

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