The Met Releases 375,000 Pieces of Artwork Avaiable for Download

Due to the open access policy at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the famous art house is now showing over 375,000 pieces on their website. But peep this: the various masterpieces are now available for download.

That’s some futuristic sh*t, y’all.

The entire art viewing experience has now been upgraded and it’s unbelievable that more people aren’t talking about it. High-definition photos of priceless pieces of artwork by ancient civilizations such as the Hittites, and celebrated hyperrealistic paintings by fine artists like Charles Cromwell Ingham, are now accessible to anyone with internet access.

What makes this really special is the fact that the Met has authorized this, meaning that they are encouraging the widespread exchange of some of the most valuable human creations. Pull up here to start taking it all in and see some of our selects below:


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