How “To Catch A Rapper” Uses Receipts To Hold SoundCloud Artists Accountable


Recent media developments should come as no surprise — the music industry has an accountability problem. From the underground to the mainstream, we’ve all heard stories of artists being exploited, and are familiar with how artists like R. Kelly shirk repercussions for abusive behavior. Acting as the self-proclaimed “SoundCloud justice league,” Twitter account To Catch a Rapper (a riff off Dateline series “To Catch A Predator”) is one response to that.

Working to expose “pedophiles, scammers, fakes, and users” by airing out receipts, the account has posted image threads on artists like Playboi Carti, XXXTentacion, and OG Maco, implicating them in pocketing money for verses and features without delivering. Beyond keeping tabs on PayPal scams, it has also exposed artists like YungGoth for inappropriately engaging with minors. When and if an artist chooses to right its wrong, the account deletes the tweet and updates its followers on the progress of cases.


Above all, artists are encouraged to find an attorney, draft agreements, and educate themselves on the legalities around purchasing beats and features online. And in the meantime, the account’s DMs are open to submissions.

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